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The NGO Objectif Sciences International (OSI) (1992) holds Special Consultative Status to United Nations ECOSOC since 2011, and organizes Participatory Science actions for everyone, Children, Teenagers and Adults, alone or in groups, worldwide, in the form of corporate incentives, school trips, solidarity vacations, scientific hollidays for children or teenagers and many other formats (expeditions, trainings, science clubs...).

A single integrated action, simple to identify, Participatory Research, enables several objectives to be met with leveraging effects:

  • Define and carry out fundamental Research projects (understanding ecosystems, detecting exoplanets...) or applied (monitoring a bonobo population in their natural environment...) or Engineering projects (designing a drone useful to nature...) designed to advance new concepts or solve problems at the service of Sustainable Development,
  • Enable citizens of all ages to learn, understand (education to science), increase their skills, develop their personal discernment, train them to international solidarity... through the practice of these real research projects (research-action, learning by doing...)
  • Encourage them to become more involved as full players in the improvement of society, in a more concrete form, with appropriate proposals,
  • Reduce inequalities, reverse the relationship to knowledge, facilitate the implementation of government policies in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, and so much more...

OSI makes this possible by offering children, teenagers and adults the chance to get involved in genuine scientific and technological research projects designed to serve a problem to be solved or a question in search of answers. Each OSI project also contributes to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the results or productions of these projects are made available to the communities concerned, and to the scientific community.

OSI’s actions are designed in close collaboration with the scientific community to which OSI’s staff belong. To enable the NGO to carry out its mission to the full, including reaching out to as wide a range of people as possible, these projects are offered in a wide variety of attractive formats the public is already looking for: school trips, scientific hollidays, science camps, stays, expeditions, solidarity based trips, trainings, science clubs...

In order to give birth to relevant, useful, coherent and particularly astonishing Participatory Research operations, the NGO brings together the following operators (franchises) and professions:

  • Scientific Educators
  • Sustainable Development Pedagogy and Logistics Programs
  • Research and Science Education programs
  • Participatory Development Programs (Representatives and Scientific Travel Agencies)
  • Operations Management for each Local Group (Country, USA, Switzerland, D.R. Congo...)

All these operators are coordinated by the OSI international platform and the NGO Resources Center, based at Geneva, close to the United Nations.

Objectif Sciences International is both an institutional and an operational NGO.

  • Operational: in the form of its Local Groups, which implement actions on the ground,
  • Institutional: via the headquarters of its International Federation and its Resources Center, which highlight the choices, skills and results that enable progress to be made, to all the decision-makers and major players concerned.

When Thomas EGLI, founder of the NGO OSI, launched the first Participatory Research actions in 1992, he quickly realized that these actions could become a powerful “tool” at the service of Peace and Development worldwide. Today, he is dedicated to training as many people as possible throughout the world in this philosophy and in the concepts, tools and methodologies developed by the NGO over the years. The aim is to enable all citizens to take in hand a sustainable future for the planet and its inhabitants.

Today, the NGO is present on every continent and is supported in many countries by interconnected local teams working in close collaboration with governments and public services, as well as with scientific research centers, schools, local authorities, etc.

Welcome to the Institutional Portal of the NGO Objectif Sciences International -
Special Consultative Status to United Nations ECOSOC.

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This website is both a portal for internal collaboration between teams worldwide, and a general presentation of the institution. It is also a working interface, available to you to collaborate with the NGO.

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