Create the Local Group of the NGO in your region/country

In order to create quickly and efficiently a local branch of the NGO OSI in your area or country, we have put in place this quick and simplified Road Map.

This Road Map was created in partnership with Government Representatives to the UN in Geneva during the GENEVA FORUM, and is based on 20 years experience in this domain.

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OSI in 80 seconds

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 Central Action

When you must have gone through this quick and simplified Road Map, all you have to do is disseminate the information to all those who may be potentially concerned within your network. Your interlocutors might be interested in the creation of the NGO OSI Local Group in your country and may like to be associated with the project. For that, you have to inform them about it.
By networking this information, you will quickly get to the step of officially launching the local group (see below).

 Request for Proposal

The NGO Objectif Sciences International has been existing since 1992. In 2008 this association was officially recognised as an NGO. In 2001 the organisation obtained the Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations Organisation (UNO). In a bid to spread its activities on the international scene, the NGO Objectif Sciences International publishes this Request for Proposal for the creation of local groups.

Please follow the instructions on this page to respond to this RFP for your Area or Country.

We receive many demands from people asking us on how to create activities of the NGO Objectif Sciences International in their country. You can easily and quickly start up a local network using the simplified Road Map presented on this page.

Once your OSI Local Group has enough registered members, we organise the coming of an Objectif Sciences International executive to give a Level 1 Training on “The Pedagogy of Science adapted to a Participatory Research Project in favour of Sustainble Development Resolutions”.

This training will allow your local team to be independent and capable of developing your OSI Group activities in your country, for your kids, teenagers and adult partcipants.

 Historical Reminder

Objectif Sciences International (OSI) is an international network made up of local and national associations. OSI has the Non-Profit Organisation Status (NPOS). Its Headquarters is based in Geneva, Switzerland.
OSI is recognised as an international NGO, and is the only specialised organization in Science Education and Participatory Research, having the Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations Organisation (UNO).
OSI has as its goals, widening public participation in Science Education and Participatory Research, while creating concrete solutions in favour of Sustainable Development (see this site for more information).

 A second movie of 5 minutes

The Idea

Science Education is at the heart of possibilities that allow today’s problems to be resolved and future solutions deployed. In its stand, UNESCO sees in Science Education an important tool in the fight for human survival (pollution, health, food, water, energy, war, biodiversity, shelter, human conditions...).

The NGO OSI provides transversal actions in Science Education which are put in place within the Participatory Research Framework, with the aim of resolving Sustainable Development related problems. These actions encourage Research through Practice, because they are based on Project Pedagogy at the service of participants’ communities. This helps to efficiently improve the success-level of the challenges of Inclusive Education (Editor’s note : which takes everyone into account ).

For example, OSI’s actions in Central Africa (DR Congo) in Geology, Archeology and Agronomy have as its main goal, restoring lasting peace. While its additional objective in Central Asia (Kyrghyzstan) includes maintaining a natural environment adapted to human life through studies on Glaciology, Animal Tracking (the White Panther) and Nomadism. Hence, OSI’s actions are fondamental and strategic.

It is important to note that the ideals of Tolerance, Understanding between Peoples and a Non-Violent Education, are part of the tools developed in a transversal way in all our scientific actions, be it in Biodiversity, Technology, Wellbeing or Population Survival (Architecture, Agriculture, Health...).

Besides, every single activity conducted by the NGO Objectif Sciences International creates and sustains jobs. Hence, contributing to the socio-economic platform of a new world in which you wish to take part in (better salaries, better working conditions, adult education, parents’ training in their roles as educators...).

The activities of Objectif Sciences International are all centred on creating technical solutions for Sustainable Development. These research projects are conducted in your country. For example :

  • Social Sciences
  • Biodiversity, Massive Extinction of Species...
  • Marine Biology, Revitalisation of Dead Zones...
  • Robotics, Energy
  • Architecture
  • Astrophysics
  • Archeology, Anthropology
  • Drones, Aeronautics, Aerospace
  • Etc...

Kids, teenagers and adults in your country develop their potentials while taking part in these useful projects. These solutions become a reality in your country and are therefore proposed to others regions of the world who face the same challenges as yours.

If you wish to start up an OSI project in your area or country, kindly send us your official proposal on this page. : See chapter on “Forums”.

In creating an OSI project in your area/country, you become a member of the NGO while creating jobs and financing your existing or future project. You can also achieve your objectives in Science Education, Science and Engineering, or Environment.

The setting up of an OSI project in your area/country involves creating a local team, called the OSI Local Group.

An OSI Local Group is made up of 3 types of players :

  • Educators
  • Scientists
  • Economists

These 3 sub-groups work in partnership with OSI, represented by an Operational Activity Leader of the OSI Local Group.

All members work together from the same place.

The Idea

The NGO OSI will collaborate with you in developing your Local Group as fast as possible.

From your past (work) experience, you might also be one of the key players in this project :

  • You are in the Educational field
  • You are in the Scientific field
  • You are in the Economic field
  • or even a Project Leader

In any case, you can be at the head of starting up an OSI Local Group in your country, or you can join an existing group (see below chapter on “Forums”).

At the end of this Road Map, when the OSI Local Group has been created, you can take up different positions within the group :

  • You can become one of the team’s Scientific Educators - in charge of supervising and organising participants interested in carrying out a Participatory Research Project.
  • You can become the Coordinator of one of the Educational and Logistic Programmes - in charge of welcoming participants in one of OSI’s centres.
  • You can become the Coordinator of one of the Research and Science Education Programmes - in charge of advancing research projects in a particular field.
  • You can be the Coordinator of one of the Participatory and Cooperative Development Programmes - in charge of increasing local participation in OSI’s different scientific activities.
  • Or still, become an Operational Leader of the OSI Local Group in your area/country - in charge of coordinating all members and volunteers while creating OSI-centred activities.

OSI Local Group Activities are defined according to the below criteria :

  • Where the team’s offices are located (In town, Green Business Incubators…)
  • Where Participatory Research volunteers are recieved (in the open air, on the beach, in the mountains, out in the forest,...)
  • For example, well-recieved and happy participants
    • Companies where innovating technical solutions are being proposed
    • Kids to whom you are proposing outdoor scientific activities
    • Adults willing to take part in a Community-based Science Project
    • Professionnals willing to take part in trainings...
  • Examples of different actions proposed by the Local Group :
    • Holiday Science Camps
    • Science Discovery Classes
    • Technical Trainings
    • Educational Trainings
    • Specified Research
    • Book Publication
    • Creating learning objects
    • Technical services offered in different scientific fields of the OSI Local Group
    • Research services
    • Audit and Counselling services (for your local or national government, UN Organisations, other NGOs...)
  • Subjects treated, for example :
    • Marine Biology
    • Aerospace
    • Robotics
    • Information Technology
    • Architecture
    • Renewable Energy
    • Land Vegetation Biology
    • Archeology
    • Astronomy, etc…
  • Languages used in your activities (local languages, native languages…)
  • Problems to be tackled (Rights of women/girls, nomadism, health, nutrition, shelter...)

The creation of an Objectif Sciences International Local Group can take place :

  • When someone wishes to start up and develop on the ground one of the NGO’s activities in his/her area/country
  • When a group of persons/different organisations wish to come together to form an OSI team
  • When an existing group, already having its own activity(ies) wishes to add an OSI activity to its services [1]

 Your Benefits

Advantages of creating an OSI Local Group

  • If you wish, you could easily and quickly create and develop a flourishing activity, eco-friendly and sustainable, rooted in the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • You create jobs in your area/country
  • You offer more hope to people in your area/country, by proposing additional answers, based on the principles of Tolerance, Open-mindedness, rational and useful Science and Technology projects, oriented towards Sustainble Development resolutions
  • You enjoy more than 20 years experience in Project Development, Science Pedagogy through Project Education, applied to the advancement of Participatory Research Programmes for Sustainable Development resolutions
  • You are connected to an international network of human, material, financial and intellectual resources
  • You are under a well-known and recognised banner in the field of Science Education, Participatory Research, and Project Pedagogy applied to teaching
  • You receive special assistance to ensure that your project succeeds
  • Your project benefits from OSI’s international recognition
  • You take advantage of existing services within OSI
  • You benefit from OSI’s network of volunteers, participants and donors
  • You receive all types of support from OSI
  • You are present at the GENEVA FORUM that holds every year at the UN Headquarters in Geneva

 OSI’s Benefits

Benefits from OSI in the setting up of a local group

  • OSI can, by your presence, develop more educational and problem-solving actions on :
    • The subjects
    • The population
    • The type of programmes
    • And the places suggested or proposed in your local group
    • The OSI banner is reinforced by your presence
    • The other local groups already in place have the advantage of finding themselves connected and getting in touch with you
    • The international network of OSI Local Groups can learn from a new local group - your ideas, your opinions and solutions put forward
    • Your presence at the GENEVA FORUM held every year at the UN in Geneva, adds up to the list of countries working on the resolutions to be adopted on sustainable evolutions

 Simplified Steps

Here are the steps in creating an OSI Local Group.

This Simplified Road Map is backed up by the Forums : Read the steps presented below
  1. If there is no existing local group in your area/country, kindly send us a request for the creation of an OSI Local Group :
    • Send a proposal to the NGO Administration at local-groups requesting for the creation of an OSI Local Group in your area/country (kindly send your message in French or English)
  2. If there is an existing local group in your area/country, kindly join the OSI Local Group Forum(s) associated with your area/country
  3. Announce or post the existence of your local group on this official OSI website
    • OSI then spreads the information to its network on the creation of your local group in your city, area, or country
  4. OSI then starts organising a complete seminar of 3 and 6 days respectively, which will hold in your town, thereby officially launching your local group
    • When the Forum of the Creation of a local group in your country exceed 15 members from your country, OSI will then post on your Forum relevant information helping you to organise the Level 1 Training on “The Pedagogy of Science applied to a Participatory Research Project in favour of Sustainable Development Resolutions”
    • When the Forum of your country have up to 60 members from your country, the NGO then sends a Training Specialist who will give the Level 1 Training (3 days)
    • After the Level 1 Training, the Traning Specialist will observe a day’s rest
    • After the break, he presents a 6-day Seminar to 10 to 20 participants (out of the 60 that took part in the 3-day Level 1 Training), who would like to occupy management positions within their area/country’s OSI Local Group. This seminar will expatiate on the entire Road Map for the successful completion of your local group. It will also offer you a step-by-step training on the different professions within the NGO Objectif Sciences International.
      At the end of this 6-day seminar, you will have all that you need to successfully create and develop your OSI Local Group (Job creation, objectives achieved, recurrent actions, participation at the annual GENEVA FORUM...)
  5. You follow the Training to Job of Program manager of the NGO
  6. Participation at the annual GENEVA FORUM every December at the UN Headquarters
    • OSI welcomes you at its Annual Convention which holds at the Palais des Nations within the UN premises in Geneva, where you can contribute to the projects added each year to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) agenda, in the company of your country’s UN Permanent Representative(s)
  7. Signing of the membership contract of your OSI Local Group
    • Signing of the Contract of Mandate which officially establishes you in the NGO
  8. First OSI operations launched in your country
    • Target population, subjects and problems to be dealt with, and the type of actions to be put in place, will all see the light of day
  9. You become a constitutive member of OSI
    • Jobs are created and maintained within your local group, your organisation begins to develop

If you wish to create a Local Group, kindly add yourself as a member on the Forum to this link so that we can be informed of your interest and propositions.

Kindly use the Forums listed on for all information concerning your Local Group projects in accordance with the procedures put in place.

 List of developing Local Groups

Local Groups Membership Forums

[1In the case of an already-existing group, it is all about creating a partnership between the group and OSI to start up a new project. It is therefore not a matter of integrating existing activities of the group into those of OSI, but rather creating an additional project. In most cases, this partnership takes place by the setting up of a specific Department within the group desiring to join the OSI Local Group in its country. Thereby, increasing its activity while guaranteeing its independence.


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