Internship Offer in Population Biology, Evolutionnary Ecology and Integrated Ecosystem Management

, by  Sylvain ALLOMBERT

Objectif Sciences International is a NGO with Consultative Status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Working in the field of science education, we are currently recruiting an intern in Population Biology, Evolutionnary Ecology and Integrated Ecosystem Management, for a paid international mobility internship.

 Objectif Sciences International

Our NGO organizes scientific education and research programs which aim to find solutions for sustainable development issues (water, food, energy, biodiversity, climate...). It brings together volunteers of all ages who come to learn and apply scientific techniques within our participatory action research projects. These activities for learning about research through doing scientific research take the form of educational school trips or camps for children and teenagers, or citizen science trips for adults, students, businesses or public organizations.

This internship is part of the PERCEPTION program with Objectif Sciences International. The program’s aim is to improve understanding of the relationships between the species within an ecosystem, in order to propose innovative ecological solutions for agricultural production and forestry management.

 Internship description

Under the management of the program leader, you will devise and implement a development project for the program, working on scientific and / or pedagogical issues. The project, partnered with an agronomical scientific institution (INRA Avignon), consist of studying life history of Pine processionary caterpillars, as well as biological pest control systems (way to reduce population size of a troublesome organisms - animals or plants - by making its natural predators feed on it)

 Your skills

  • Good naturalist knowledge, with an expertise in fauna and/or flora
  • Experience in writing publications
  • Experience in data processing and analysis
  • Good writing skills
  • Meticulous and organized
  • Good interpersonal skills, the ability to run educational activities and communicate well
  • Analytical capability and the ability to summarize informations
  • Keen to preserve biodiversity.

 Your Profile

A Master’s Student or a post-graduate, with training in biodiversity, behavioral ecology and conservation.
Excellent understanding of ecological issues (fauna, flora and habitats).
Fluency in English or French compulsory. Fluency or knowledge of other languages would be very valuable.
Strong skills in statistical software (R - XLSTAT...).


The detail of conditions will depend on the candidate’s profile and on the aim off the internship which will be discussed together.

Students: this internship has to take place within the Erasmus+ program which promotes international mobility within Europe. Get information on your eligibility from the international department at your University or your higher education school.

Job seekers : this internship has to take place within the international mobility program of your employment agency. Get information on your eligibility at its international service.

Full-time job based in France (Bordeaux).
Possible field missions in France and French Guiana.
Internship length and dates: dates to be decided together for an internship that would last between 3 and 12 months, depending on your situation.
Remuneration conditions: an internship allowance given by the European Union (+/- 600 euros) plus the possibility of an additional allowance paid by the NGO for field missions. During missions, the NGO will take care of travel, food and accommodation expenses.


OSI is currently offering several internship opportunities corresponding to different programs in the NGO: we would be grateful if you would only apply to the program which best suits your profile (in the event that your profile might be better suited for another program, we will transfer it internally). Multiple applications will not be considered.

To apply, please follow this process:

  • Step 1 : check your eligibility for an international mobility program within your University, higher education School or employment agency. Your eligibility should be specified in your application along with any potential constraints, such as internship length.
  • Step 2 : create your user account on this present web site of the NGO :
  • Step 3 : deposit your proposal to this form