Thomas EGLI

Thomas EGLI is expert of the United Nations Program for Harmony of human activity with Nature, founder of a Foundation dedicated to Project Based Learning technology for Schools, and founder of the NGO Objectif Sciences International (Special Consultative Status to United Nations, ECOSOC) which is leading Projects of learning by doing Education to Science and Citizen Sciences since 1992, in all continents.

He invented and created the 1st Participatory Research Camps in 2004.

Thomas is now the CEO of the GENEVA FORUM since 2001, organizing the International Annual Conferences in United Nations on several key factors topics as “Rights of Nature”, “Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Travel”, “Inclusive Education by Project Based Learning”, “Responsible Finance” or “Citizen Sciences and Participatory Research”, in order to allow all the actors and operators in these domains to exchange, meet and share directly and at the largest international level. In this frame he organizes also several annual events at UNESCO (Paris), as the Conference on Participatory Science, governemental Scientifics Policies and achievment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

His first books were published in 2001.

He is also the author of the books “The Ideas of the Living” (Techniques of biomimicry and bioinspired organization applied to the optimization of the organizations / NGO / company) and “The Thought of the World” (Philosophy of Sciences). Specialized in systemic since 2001 and in Management of Technology since 2007, he is a consultant in Management, Bioinspired Organization, Holacracy, Business Management, NGO Development, Techniques of Excellence, and Management of Disruptive Technologies.

    Les Idées du Vivant

Thomas EGLI started to work in 1992, aged 17 years old, as scientific facilitator (astronomy, robotics, aerospace and ecology-biodiversity.

You can visit this web site to discover a part of his achievements through the world.

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